About Us





Hi, we are Lauren and Jordan Romney!

We are the owners of Drift Outdoors, a luxury mobile camping company. We cannot wait to meet you and make your next outdoor adventure one you won't forget!

Here's a little about us:

Jordan worked in the luxury sector of the hotel business for years before giving it up to become a professional fly fisherman and fly fishing guide throughout Northern California.  He has also set up and managed outback camps in Alaska for months at a time!

Lauren is a NOLS certified backcountry leader, and has spent countless nights sleeping under the stars!  She has also traveled the world as an international school teacher, visiting over 30 countries on her travels abroad.

Jordan and Lauren are both nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and adventure seeking individuals with a passion to bring people back to nature.  Their own backyard is home to some of the most beautiful national parks, lakes and rivers the United States has to offer. When you camp with Drift Outdoors, expect to combine natural beauty with luxury making it an adventure of a lifetime.